November 17th, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Bach: The Friday Performance

The preparation started badly when--thanks to a light problem in the bathroom, I had to do makeup stuff on the bed in the bedroom--which meant putting my glasses down on the bed--which resulted in accidentally putting my hip on them while reaching for something at the far end--and bending one side piece almost 90 degrees in the wrong plane just where it bends to around the ear. A paper clip splint and black (yes, there is, and we had some) duct tape made a quick fix for the evening. 

We warmed up for almost an hour, with David--instead of prepping for his solo--tweaking this and that to a still higher standard.  I think we all went into it knowing we were prepared.   And...WOW....we sang like we knew exactly what we were doing, and some of us (me among them) with great joy and thankfulness that we had the chance to sing such music with such an orchestra. 

We could feel the audience's reaction when we sang, and that's always a wonderful feeling.

It's after midnight and I'm really tired...and I get to do it again tomorrow (and the Beethoven "Emperor Concerto" is playing on the classical station...)