November 29th, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Choir notes...

The boss is back in town after belated anniversary trip with his wife to West Texas and he is full of energy.  More energy than patience.  We sang...and we sang...and we sang...  Two Messiah choruses, just a read-through; he looked at us over his glasses and suggested that though we had sung Messiah before perhaps we had not sung it with choirs who could sing it very well....someone said "Ouch" very quietly behind me.   A Mendelssohn, an Oldroyd, and whatever it we're doing Sunday with a guitarist who I hope gets the amp setup working without that awful screech..

I discovered that the formerly easy long sixteenth note twiddly bits (um...I think the proper term is "melisma" or something like that)  re now beyond me without a breath at intervals.  I used to be able to pop those notes out easiliy.  Sigh for the missing lung capacity.  Joy for the chance to sing this stuff again.   People who get tired of singing Messiah must've sung it more times than I have.

A good, but exhausting, practice.   Glad to be back in that harness again.   But a late return home and once more I'm up after midnight and the energy has all run out the rathole.
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April


So...this  morning I've had a conversation with my agent about the new proposal I wrote and emailed him yesterday,  have communicated with my publisher about something that required me to spend over an hour hunting up information on the 'net, have answered a number of business-related emails (there are yet more waiting), and have answered a few of the comments here.  I've been at this since shortly after daylight, with a short break for a cup of hot chocolate and a conversation with my husband about things we need to get done in the next day or so.

Words actually written on the new book...0.   My contribution to things we need to get done in the next day or so...nothing.  

This is not good.  Morning is my best first-draft productivity...and it's almost 11, and I haven't written a single word on the new book. 

So,  I'm going to have to make myself scarcer, somehow.   (Or clone myself.  I could keep three or four of me busy with my current schedule, and then I could take nap now and then or go to bed before midnight...)  I do wish there were a way to appropriate hours from people who are bored and claim they have nothing to do, and give myself more hours in a day.  Hidden hours.  Hours no one else could find, so that I couldn't be interrupted, hassled, told about the myriad other things that haven't been done and could/should be.  Better yet, the people with nothing to do could come do the stuff I can't get done because I run out of time....but they probably wouldn't have any interest in doing what I need done...

But enough of this.  I've got to go make the chapters roll...

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Life with Horses: Mac-in-boots

Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be here, but several pages of words got done and I had to go work on Mac again anyway, so here's the report.

Without boots, he was slightly "short" on firm ground at a walk, and had a definite "nod" at a trot--lame but not "dead lame."   Worse yesterday than the day before--no sign of thrush or a rock or anything, purely his own feet.

I put the boots on, with some help.  In five minutes, he was walking sound on the firm ground, and at a jog trot had such a faint "nod" that if I hadn't known what to look for, I couldn't seen it as an effect of the booties.   I had Richard lead him over the sand hump  as the acid test of "it's his thin soles flexing too much' and he didn't flinch or shorten stride.  Good news!

So...he stays in boots for awhile., unless he gets them off (he did that last time.) 

We have now had two working sessions (simple ground work--leading, halting, turning, backing)  and he is much more responsive if I have a dressage whip in hand.  But he also worked better the second session than the first. 

That's it.  Back to the chapter. 
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

That was no fun!

So it was a beautiful day, lovely cool and clear, and I'd done pages and pages.  Went out to work with the horses, came back in and worked some more, then it lost focus and I decided to go check the water levels and feed in the two wildlife feeding areas.  Started off with  camera and binocs on this chore, zipped up to Fox Pavilion on the rocky area, put out feed, checked water, and (as it was getting latish, with a low sun angle, boogied on down to the creek woods, stopping only once to admire a green lacewing, and then  through the woods and across and out...and began to feel peculiar.  Oh, well, so what, and on I went to Owl, but felt very shaky.  Shaky hands, wobbly knees.  Not good with dark coming on and me out of sight of everyone.  Oh, well, put out feed, check the water level, oops, needs more, turn it on, sit down while the lower tank fills. 

Really felt as if someone had pulled the plug on all my energy and strength.  Sat there in a kind of daze until the sun was completely off that meadow and it was getting colder, then turned off the water and started home, remembering the day earlier this week when I'd had a similar problem.  Walked slowly, to not put a strain on whatever it was.  But still, while out on the south fenceline beyond the near meadow, had to stop and lie down on the ground awhile.   Fast pulse...well, it slowed down at a reasonable rate.

Got back  to the house, had some water and a half-slice of bread and thought I'd rest a bit before starting supper.  Ha!   Suddenly was having chills and feeling really bad.   Two hours before I was up and functioning again.  (Like I needed to lose two hours today.)

The thing is...I had no breakfast but that early cup of cocoa this morning, very unusual for me.  I realized about eleven that I had missed breakfast, so I scrambled a couple of eggs and toasted some bread, which--in my younger days as recently as a few months ago--would've held me until six or seven easily.  It was only four-something.  And the other day this happened, I'd had an early breakfast, no lunch, and had gone out on the land about one or two.    Hmmm.   In summer, I always carry a few saltine crackers to deal with the amount of salt loss on really hot days when we're working, but it was cool.  Maybe the crackers were doing more than  just salt supply, it occurred to me.   The house doctor (the retired one I'm married to) and I discussed this in detail.

Anyway, the new  rule is, "Take some food with you, if you've skipped any previous meal."  It would not be good to have one of these collapsed feelings if I were trying to get home in a cold rain or some sleet.