December 4th, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Busy, busy, busy

Staying off the internet until the day's words are on paper and at least two other chores done has only revealed how many more chores there are to do.  "Work expands to fill the time alloted for it" and then some.  (Clones, I need clones!  Clones who like chores....)

Anyway.  Book is now beyond 20,000 words and moving.    The laundry got done--all the laundry got done, but now there are accumulating piles again, of course.   The farrier's got a badly injured foot (now recovering) but the horses can go another couple of weeks without a trim, if necessary.  Mac is back in his booties.  With boots on in front, no boots behind, what you hear is the front feet walking, which makes him sound even more like a bored teenager scuffing along in big sneakers.  But he's walking without pain.  With the sudden shifts in weather, we're always opening and shutting the barn doors and gates.

Some of the mowing in the field is done; more needs to be.  I should spend at least 2 hours on the tractor today.  The transfer pump here at the house, which moves collected rainwater from small, low-capacity tanks to the big ones, or from one full tank to another that's not, has been whining away (it's not a submersible pump--it's in the line between pumps and it is LOUD whiny, like a giant wasp) and we're within 100 gallons of getting the barn tanks equalized and water moved up to a house tank that hadn't been connected since the re-roofing (because it was sitting partly on a now-hacked out concrete flower-bed ledge and you really don't want the weight of 2500 gallons of water pushing your PVC tank bottom down onto the edge of something like that.  Leads to massive leaks.  We have another section of the same concrete edge to break out, and we need another load of sand to level up the base for that tank.  The pump up at Fox has come undone from the outlet hose that takes the water to the top of the system there, so that has to be fixed today. 

I also need to take a new thistle-seed feeder out to Fox  and hang it, and transfer a wormer-bucket of corn chop and sunflower seeds out there along with the backup container of thistle seed.  (And I need to order more mesh "socks" as the squirrels and raccoons have bitten holes in so many...)  Things are in pretty good shape at Owl, except that mixed-seed needs to be topped up.  Thank heavens for wormer buckets.  (The horses get a feed-through wormer that comes in big, sturdy plastic buckets with tight-sealing lids.  I use these for storing bird feed out on the land, because--if I've been careful to get them fully closed--raccoons can't open them.  In the house, I use them for storing bulk flour, and when I was riding more I used some of them instead of cones for riding patterns.  And they're half-decent mounting blocks, and you can put a pole across two of them, blocked with sandbags, for a single rail jump, though neither of these guys jumps.

And I also must make bread today and figure out what to take to the choir party this Saturday.  Order some stuff online (horse stuff, people stuff) that's badly needed.   Answer editor/agent/other business questions.  Still have a thousand of today's words to go, too, but the morning's been productive so far.  Back to it I go...