December 14th, 2007

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Soup again

Cold, drippy, dank...perfect soup-making weather.  And since we'll be getting a load of critter in, within the next few weeks, I needed to take the remnants out of the freezer anyway, right?  Right.

Richard, having the same idea, had pulled out two packages of soup bones.  Pitifully small packages, considering the size of my soup pot (but appropriate for small soups if you have a small pot.  The thing is, big soups allow better flavor development.)   Two of those, plus the oxtail package, started the soup.  Two onions, this time rough-cut into eighths.  A whole head of garlic.  Nearly all of two bunches of celery, and three big carrots, both chopped pretty small.  Peppercorns, bay leaves, mixed herbs, a chunk of the gooey brown stuff that Karen S- gave me (she's right, it's wonderful, and you really *don't* need a lot of it (veal stock demi-glace, is what it says on the jar.)   Add water, bring to boil, simmer awhile.  At a point defined by the nose, mostly, added about a cup of merlot, and then a large can of diced tomatoes.   We didn't have any parsley, and the local store didn't have any parsley, but Richard's going to bring some back (from taking Michael to the movies...which are in a town with a big grocery store.) 

I'm now debating whether to add more vegetable stuff (corn, green beans) or go with what I have plus barley.  First I have the unfavorite task of pulling out the parts that shouldn't be there: bones, ligaments from the oxtail, that stuff.

But oh, the smell of a good soup when you come back in the house from the wet cold outside...

Now to start a batch of bread....