December 25th, 2007

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and best of the season to those who don't.

We got in from midnight service about 2 am, and I'm about to go to bed.    Richard and Michael and I all went to the 7 pm service at St. Matthew's, where Richard sings in the choir (and boy, has that choir ijmproved!!)  and then--grabbing some food from the between choir service there, and zipping down to St. David's, had another big snack there before my rehearsal with the St. David's choir, before the late service there.  Which was, as usual, packed, with people still trying to stuff in at the last moment (hint: get there before you try to climb the stairs between choir members waiting with lit candles...)   I didn't sing with the St. Matt's choir this  year--didn't know the music, and they clearly didn't need my help anyway.  Just sang in the congregation, which can be a problem if the people in front of me don't  like having a strong alto behind them (and some people don't.  They're used to the way most people sing, which is without much confidence.  I remember singing a hymn during a service at Yorkminster, and the fellow beside me was a native of York, and really sang out, but said later he was surprised that a tourist would.)