February 9th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Excavations !!

Two more sacks went out (these are 50 pound horsefeed sacks, because they'll hold heavy things, like magazines, journals, notebooks, without tearing.  It's a way of recycling horsefeed sacks, too...)

It is now possible to reach one of the closet doors.  For the weekend goal, I'm torn between accessing both closet doors (which would make it easier to put wearable clothes away and remove from the closet nonwearable clothes so they can be thrown/given away depending on their condition) or clearing from the lefthand closet door up the other side of the bed, which would allow an easier attack on the piles on the window seat.  I really used to like sitting there reading...And under it is storage I haven't been able to get to for years. 

Meanwhile, I need to do laundry, make bread, and refill the thistle socks in the back yard.  And I should pull some meat out of the freezer for tonight and tomorrow.

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Parental moment

Well, I can't hold off until the final word on this.  After 9 frustrating months, M-'s social worker and various bureaucracies came up with a job possibility for him, and yesterday he had his first interview with the manager of a pizza parlor (part of a chain)  for a job as busboy.  Tonight he goes in for an hour and a half, to see if he can handle the crowded conditions and noise, and stay focused.   If he can, he starts work Monday, a 2 pm through closing shift, which means effectively until 9:45 to 10 pm.  He will have a job coach, at least for the beginning days...don't know how long. 

The job doesn't pay much, of course, and though he'll actually have to be there 8 hours (or almost) it only counts as six because of the break times, but he can eat for free.  He hates cheese, but they will make him a cheese-less pizza and they also have salads, soup, and pasta, all of which he likes. 

If this works, he'll be working five afternoons/nights a week.  It's in a town 20 miles away, and if he really gets along well, we'll find him a place to live nearby.  (That town has no mass transit either...)   I'm sure we'll have to subsidize that, whereas here it costs us nothing (since he's paying his own utilities out of his disability payments.)    But it's such a huge, important step.

I hope he at least gets the chance to try it out.   It would be a very unusual job for an autistic man--the noise, the crowding, the smells, etc.,-- but if he can do it, and do it without undue strain, it may open possibilities for other autistic persons who are as gregarious as he is and have also learned to handle sensory stimuli that others can't.   And in the long run, success at one job makes him more attractive to other employers, who might then be willing to try him out at something that pays more. 

But it all depends on tonight.  Wish him luck. 
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

He Did It!!!!

M- did fine on his tryout, and will start work Monday!!!

I am suffering from major Mother-blurry-screen virus!

His job coach was held up in traffic because I-35 was closed, so we introduced him to the manager, and then...left.  (That was NOT easy! Esp. since it was not the same manager on duty as yesterday, and he told us that L- had called and said she was held up in traffic.)  And the manager got him started working even before his job coach came.

When we came back he was working away, slowly (because it takes him awhile to get the coordination for anything new) but steadily.

And the manager said he was pleased, and they wanted him to start this week.

I can hardly believe it.  WHEEE!!!   (I know, I know, it may not last, all sorts of things can go wrong in the coming week when he's suddenly faced with full shifts, but...this is HUGE right now.)