March 7th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Birthday surprise from the sky

Monday of this week was cold and wet and windy.  Tuesday was sunny and pleasant.  Wednesday was sunny and warmer than comfortable--near 80, humid.  Thursday the bottom dropped out and it was in the 30s (F) and sleeting and raining and blowing hard and thundering and so on.  A couple of brief power outages.  The wind last night was still battering the house and rain still smacked the windows from time to time around midnight.

So this morning I woke to a clear dawn and...SNOW on the ground.  It snowed, apparently around 4 in the morning when I was asleep, so there was a thin, patchy blanket of pretty white snow, already melting away as the temperature had come up and the sun was rising. 

Snow before snow after breakfast...sunny (still cold and windy, but not AS cold though every bit as windy.)

The rain Monday wasn't much, but yesterday's rain put significant water in the tanks and raised the lily pond water to overflowing.   An early birthday present.

Lovely, lovely day.  And yesterday's bread turned out well.

For those who feel they must know, the magic number is 63.  Factored, it gives me 3 x 3 x 7, and since my birth date is third month, seventh day--3-7--I'm treating this as a third "superbirthday" in terms of's the third time my age has been a multiple of my birth date. 

Kind of fun.   It's windy for good photography (can't hold the big lens steady, even on a tripod, in this much wind) but I can do catch shots easily enough.