March 14th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From far away...

I've now been in New Zealand a few days and quite happily so.   Took a tour-boat lunch cruise in the harbor in a sailboat.  Lots of fun.

Have signed books in three large bookstores on Queen Street, and wandered about getting not-lost.   Have eaten some marvelous food. 

Still a bit tired, since walking at home does not involve hills or stairs, but it's worth the mild shin splints for the scenery and the things to do.

This lovely slim yacht is over 100 years old, moored next to the Maritime Museum, which now owns it.  Over to the right are the sterns of the 50-foot ones that Pride of Auckland sails; the second from the left is the one that took us on our lunch cruise.  It's not as graceful as the old one, but very comfortable.   The Maritime Museum is fascinating, as was the one in Fremantle, Australia that I visited last year. 
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