April 17th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Week (sorta) in review

It's been interesting.  Last week I bought a new 2Gb memory card for my camera, and immediately ran into problems--camera refusing to take picture, with ERR message on top, then taking pictures, etc.  Pulled the few images off--looked OK.  Checked the battery (OK), checked camera with other card (OK), reformatted card and tried again.  Still off and on problems, but during a friend's visit (out of state friend, who met her oldest son, daughter-in-law, and grandson here, at our place)  was able to take some pictures of the family and then some wildflowers & stuff.  Tried to upload into my computer and suddenly the computer didn't know the card existed.  At all.  Tried repeatedly.  Tried other cards (OK) 

So Wednesday, I took that card back to my most excellent camera shop, Precision Camera & Video in Austin, and they changed it out for me, and even pulled images off the glitched card for me...and yes, some of them were really good shots of my friend's grandson.  (Not posting pictures of someone else's kid online, though--at least not unless his parents say it's OK.)   He's 13 months old, still not entirely steady on his feet on natural ground, but he clearly loved being out there in the grass and wildflowers.   The NEW new 2 Gb card is so far working just fine, no camera problems at all.  Though I've spent the morning inside, not out there taking pictures...

Last night, Wednesday night, we had the first orchestra rehearsal of the concert material for tomorrow night.  And I realized that I had more holes in my knowledge than I'd thought.   A six-measure passage (very difficult) that I thought I'd nailed completely and permanently--knew it, didn't have to worry--unraveled with the tenors and basses right behind me and the orchestra in front.  YIPES.  Tonight is the dress rehearsal; tomorrow' s the performance, and you might well ask why I'm posting here instead of sitting at the piano working on that music. 
Break time..<G>  

Meanwhile the book continues to move well, though I'm still having some difficulties with a particular fight scene, as it's quite complex.  It would be great to go to fencing tonight and see if people would help me work through it with real bodies, but dress rehearsals rank fencing class.  At least tonight.  So maybe another week. I will skip over it now and go write the next section--I do know the motivations and general actions of everyone in the fight, so the refinements that come from play-acting through it can come later. 

The concert tomorrow should be good...we have a baroque orchestra (I had never seen "arch-lutes" before!) and even though I missed a lot of rehearsals while traveling, I have been working and should be OK by then if I can just get about 10 measures cleaned up--the six measure passage and another four scattered measures that I have marked "FIX THIS NOW!"  

Back to work.   I'm liking the Desmarest "De Profundis" better now than I did when we first got it...I liked the Campra Requiem from the get-go.

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

New word

Today I coined a new word.  

You know the colloquial meaning of "dingbat" (not the printer's meaning; the usual social term), right?  An idiot, a stupid person, a goofball?

Well...dingbats aren't vicious, just stupid.

For stupid AND vicious, I give you DUNGBAT.

The dungbat is a dingbat with malice.  It may not be "aforethought" (since he's not terribly good at actual thinking) but it's definitely malice. 

There are plenty of dungbats online.  Some are trolls or hornets (as mentioned in a post some months back) and some are just plain old garden variety dungbats.   They attack on the slightest provocation, as nastily as possible...rude and abrasive are the trademarks of their malice, and firmly entrenched ignorance supported by inability to add two and two and get within a couple of whole numbers of four are trademarks of their stupidity.

You can find dungbats in other situations, too.  Driving down I-35 reveals many a dungbat--not just dumb but apparently eager to cause injury and death.   Murder-suicides are often the work of dungbats.   Dungbats can even make it to the White House and appoint fellow dungbats to do their dirty work. 

Dungbat.   Use and enjoy.