April 28th, 2008

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Nebula Awards Weekend

The SFWA Nebula Awards weekend was this past weekend, and there I was in the thick of it--one of the committee, though by no means the most involved.   I was gone for so much of the last six months....but at least I was there, and able to help stuff the freebie bags and supply some useful items for Hospitality, and so on. 

On the whole, it was a lot of fun, though tiring...came into it after a week almost of being sick, and less than a week after the Campra/Desmarest concert, so I was not at full energy.  But still...old friends, new friends, lots of business chat, lots of catching up on personal stuff, too.  It was at the Omni in downtown Austin, which happens to be across the street from where I sing in the St. David's choir.  Very handy, on Sunday morning after a late night at the banquet and awards ceremony...so, too, was the clap of thunder that woke me in plenty of time (!!) to get up and get ready for church.

Ardath Mayhar, from East Texas, was the author emeritus.  I've known Ardath for about twenty years now--met her at an ArmadilloCon when I was first getting published in fiction, and she's a wonderful old lady...who likes the old ladies I write, so she hasn't skewered me too badly yet.   Joe Lansdale was our Toastmaster--he's known Ardath even longer and more closely, and he's also one of the funniest, wickedest good ol' boys you can imagine.   Michael Moorcock is this year's Grandmaster winner--I was lucky enough to get to sit at the Del Rey table with him, his wife, and two other Nebula nominees.  (The list of winners is up in many places: not going to list them all here.) 

One of the table decorations was sword-shaped letter-openers, for which a silent auction was held, to benefit a charity.  Yes, I came home with a sword-shaped letter opener.  (Did you think I wouldn't???)

At the business meeting, the results of the SFWA election were announced, and that included me: I'm now the Vice-president-elect of that fine organization.   I'm reminded of The Mikado, in which the old lady Katisha is the "daughter-in-law elect" of the Mikado's son.   Hope I do more good than Katisha did....at least I know I won't have a choir singing "Bow, bow, to the vice-president elect..."   (Yes, I sang in the choir of a Mikado performance back in college...)