June 21st, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Writer's Block: LJ Comments

Are you more of a comment-receiver or a comment-maker on LiveJournal? Why?
I have no idea.  Does anyone actually keep track of this kind of thing?  And if so, why?   (Went hunting around to see if there were stats...and by golly there *are* stats, on the expanded profile page...which indicate that I'm more of a comment receiver than comment maker. )   Why?  I dunno.  I don't respond to every comment on one of my comments or posts...I'm only one person and the people tossing comments my way are multiple...  I can't imagine that anyone's really interested in whether someone makes or receives more comments...
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

80 acres: small beauties

A little more about the Texas Bluebells (where the small green beetle was yesterday)--this is a gentian, with a chalice-shaped flower, and the color of the outside ranges from pale lavender to royal purple.  Inside, the color includes a white ring and then a dark purple center (even if the outside is pale.)  Everything about the plant is beautiful and graceful--the shapes of the leaves, the buds, the individual petals (when not bug-chewed.)   It looks delicate, but stands up amazingly to harsh Texas summers.  Here's a clump that appeared in the west grass, where a native grass had invaded KRB--photo taken in early afternoon after days of 100 degree weather, drying winds, and no rain for weeks.


Most plants become inhabited by small critters of some kind, and the Texas Bluebells are no exception.  Yesterday, tiny dark metallic green beetles (<5mm long) were all over this clump...and so was a Green Lynx Spider, hunting beetles...in this shot, it's got one.


Our grassland is missing some of the forbs it should have (no surprise, since it was farmland for decades) and though some have come back, others haven't.  One that hasn't is the purple coneflower, and having seen one in a prairie garden last summer, I was determined to reintroduce it here.  I'd tried seeding them before, with no luck, and this year we tried introducing actual plants in several locations.   This is what they look like (though it should be taller, but then we haven't had rain...)