July 7th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Michael brag

I was up early (I thought) and writing this morning when I heard a "suspicious" noise in the back yard.  Didn't see anything.  Went out to look and there was Michael, moving rocks (the foundation for the big water tank on the NW side turned out to be smaller than the bottom of the tank. Engineer #2 is saying nothing.)  Richard has asked him yesterday to help.

Note that to haul rocks from the rock-stack in the south horse lot, where the horses are, he had to deal with the horses and keep them from wandering through the gates he needed to leave open.  He gave them hay to lure them into the little north paddock (not the big north horse lot) and shut them in.  By himself.   This is the young man who used to be afraid of them. 

That wasn't all. By the time he appeared ready to go to work (having gone back to his house, showered, changed) he had *also* remembered to call the guy at Bluebonnet (his service provider) and set up tomorrow's meeting with him.

Can we say responsible, hard-working, showing initiative?

Yeah, I thought we could.