July 17th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April


For those wondering where I've been (you were, weren't you?)  it was the !**! migraine.  This has been one of those entrained migraines...most of mine last no more than three days, but every few years weather and sinuses and something else (wish I knew what!) combine to give me a much, much longer one that sort of slops around inside my head, worse here, then worse there, then worse this other place....  This one really started last Saturday, and now it's  Thursday.  It was on one side of my head...then it was on the other side of my head...then in the middle...then back to the first side...and now seems to be easing off.   But it's not gone yet, so there's the dismal possibility that it could creep back in.

The latest Scientific American has an article on migraines.  I was unable to read it carefully in the throes of this one, as it hurt to focus on the page.    I did look to see if they listed any marvelous new treatments.  They didn't.  The only complete, instant, mid-migraine cure I've had is one I do not want to experience ever again and wish I hadn't had:  turning on the TV on the morning of 9/11 and seeing the first tower in flames and the second one being hit.   I'd rather have been sick for a week.  A month.

Anyway--right now it's better, and I'll take better over worse even while hoping for "all gone, no pain at all" to show up realsoonnow.