July 24th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Still no rain

It came close.  It even sprinkled on us for something under a minute.  I'm grateful for every drop that didn't evaporate on the hot metal roof and made it into the dark, safe confines of a storage tank.

But Austin--some parts at least--got measurable rain.  Some places within 5 miles of us got measurable rain.  We didn't.

At fencing tonight, everyone sat around DRW's house eating pizza, talking, trying to "fly" planes on a computer...and not fencing because the yard was too wet.

Our driveway was bone dry and dusty when I got home.

Well, with the clouds most of the  day, we didn't hit 100.  That was good.

It is in the dry times that I remember Pindar's First Olympian Ode: "Best of all things is water..." he starts out, and goes on with Pindaric gloriousness, but to anyone in a dry country, that first line rings absolutely true.  It is indeed best of all things, the water of life by which all things survive.