July 30th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Don't Try This at Home

What happens when you put a tray of frozen microwave-or-oven-heatable enchiladas on the top rack with the oven on BROIL instead of in the middle with the oven on 350F?



It made interesting noises (little explosive pops, like tiny firecrackers, as well as the sizzling and bubbling) and very chemical smells (from the melting plastic tray) too.

Note to self:  Do  not use the oven when distracted and when the brain had been dithering between toasted cheese sandwich (which does go on the top rack at BROIL) and the enchiladas (which...um...don't.)

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

McCain and Rove: no real surprise here

If further proof were needed that McCain is just another Bush-type Republican, he asked Karl Rove to come to Texas to run a fundraiser in El Paso. 

Yuppers, same old Karl Rove, the dirty back-door man of Bush's Presidency, Cheney's buddy-bud. 

Want a higher national debt,  a worse relationship with the rest of the world, a plunging economy?   Then definitely you're a McCain supporter. 

Rove should be in prison, not on the campaign trail for another "conservative" (ever notice how these recent conservatives don't conserve???  They don't conserve resources, they don't conserve taxpayer money (they don't spend it on infrastructure or taxpayer services that might actually help taxpayers--they spend it on unnecessary wars and "private contractors" who screw our soldiers over and mercenaries who mistreat US citizens and are not held legally accountable for anything.    It's against their principles to spend taxpayer money on things that benefit taxpayers--health care, housing, food,  job creation, the infrastructure for water, power, transportation, etc.

They blame the average American for being too loose with his money--it's clearly his/her own fault if medical bills or a lost job means he/she can't pay the mortgage.  Blame the average American for being "addicted to oil" (this from a former oilman whose oil bidness ties are tight and strong) when because of government policies there isn't alternative transportation for most people and any substantive investment in alternate energy sources was scotched BY THEM.  But they pour billions into the pockets of Blackwater and  HBR and Lockheed and so on, while claiming that lowering taxes is the way to improve the economy. 

McCain may once have been a man of principle.  But he's now embraced the filth at the bottom of the whole conservative Republican cesspool.  Karl Rove and his dirty-player buddies.