August 30th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Who sez?

According to that "see how weird you are?" meme that's going around, I'm 31.6% herdlike because I enjoy writing,  I'm 0% unique, with regard to friends "lonely",  and "wary of trusting strangers."

Considering the abundance of friends (but not a lot of mutual friends on LJ, to be sure)  the lonely part sure doesn't fit.  It's true I distrust people who show up on my group anonymously and won't say who they are...but certainly not all strangers.  Anonymous posters (when they aren't friends who forgot to log in) have a bad rep for a reason.   And the anonymous creator of this test has certainly earned my distrust.

My overall level of weirdness is said to be 28, the average level and the line below says I'm weirder than 63% of other LJers.  Someone doesn't understand the math involved with "average," I'm thinking. 

I notice that the pie chart is divvied up into herdlike, normal, interesting, peculiar, and unique.  This suggests a mindset in which liking what a lot of people like (be it writing, or SF, or ice cream or whatever)  isn't normal, but  is "herdlike", whatever that means.  And that "interesting" isn't "normal" either.  Nor is "peculiar" interesting.  What defines these terms?  Nothing.  

I infer, from comparing several results posted on acquaintances LJs, that whoever thought up this thing equates having lots of LJ mutual friends as being popular, and relatively few (I have ten) as being lonely.  That having interests (which I'm guessing are grabbed from tags or possibly from interests listed in the profile) in common with others in various proportions gathers labels of herdlike, normal, interesting, and peculiar.   Having a tag no one else has might get you a "unique" rating, or maybe not.  

I don't *like* the stupid pie chart so I'm not going to paste it in (it has ugly colors: I don't like those colors.)

Oh yes: my writing style as judged by a recent public sample is "conventional."  Works for me. 

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Apologies of a sort

Several things have gone on, and a migraine and gut bug and arthritis in the hand aren't helping, so bear with me, if you can.

First: I can't fix the formatting of that one post without a lot of work which, right now, I feel too rotten to do if I even understood the instructions.  Just ignore it.   I'm sorry, and I will never fiddle with the font sizes of things I cut and paste in again, because I will bet that's what happened.  LJ itself has changed something recently, because though my quotes when people commented (the emails I get back) used to have my stuff the way I'd written it, minus coding (I use the rich text version, BTW--I can to HTML but it takes more time I don't have), I now get this horrible mishmash with coding and what I said all mixed in.   Ick.  Do not like.  And apparently it's changed how things work with different browsers...not sure if the browser of input makes a difference or if it's only the receiving browser, but...something's going on.

Second: My snarl about anonymous posters was not intended to whack LJ users (even though I prefer to have names--I feel silly calling someone by a handle that seems like (and may be) an in-joke.   It was aimed at the meme assumption that I tended to distrust strangers,  which I inferred had been made because of a couple of previous snarls at particular anonymous posters, those who've made posts I interpreted (usually with great accuracy--I've been on the internet, even Usenet, for quite awhile) as troll-born.  I understand shyness, and benign lurkers; I don't have much sympathy, though, with snipers from cover.  I hope that makes it clear.  I very much appreciate those of you who've de-lurked (it's great to know a little about the lurkers) but if you're really shy and are hoping no one will come along with a flashlight...I won't.    

Third: the time gap thingie.  Working on the laptop (which is my internet machine) requires heavy use of the right forefinger and thumb--and it has an insensitive touchpad so I have to whack the touchpad very firmly to get it to register.  As a result, I've aggravated a repetitive use injury in my right hand--I have several hot,  swollen finger-hand joints and considerable discomfort.   It doesn't help that I'm also trying to write fast and furious  on the deadline-bound fiction *and* process photo images on the other machine (which uses a mouse) so there's no rest for the hands.  I'm taking ibu, but I need to back off the machines for a day at least while the meds reduce the inflammation.   And that--which includes awareness of work not getting done--has combined with the migraine and gut bug and the impending hurricane in the Gulf and the idiocies of US politics to produce a mood somewhere in the irritability range of Wolverine in Cage Poked by Stick.

This too shall pass.  (No, that is not a rude joke on the gut bug, though, in fact, it *could* be a rude joke on the gut bug.)  Eventually at least some of these body parts will quit hurting, and the half of my brain that's full of migraine will recover its ability to process sequential imaginary story-bits, so I can write fiction (the story is "there"--right there--begging to be let out--I can feel its pressure--but I can't write it without both sides of the brain functioning at least at the 60% level.  Nonfiction, esp. casual stuff like this,  doesn't shut down until the pain's a lot worse.  It'll be better tomorrow, or if not by the next day, and calm will prevail.  Or something.  And I can finally get Karl (of the SF novella getting close to done) out of the mess he's presently in. 

Again, I'm sorry some of you are having trouble with the display of one or two posts, but there's nothing I can do about it right now.  This one (which is plain old plain old with nothing embedded) should be OK.  I hope.