September 11th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Stepping out of the room....

As some of you know, we're in the probable path of Hurricane Ike.  We're inland, so in little danger, but still there's hurricane prep to do (tree trimming, checking yard for stuff that blows around, etc.)   Wherever it hits on the coast, I have friends who may be evacuating in this direction and there will be others who need assistance. 

So I'm not reading comments on posts right now and probably never will catch up, given my workload.   Tinkering with LJ is not high on the priority list right now...checking the place for storm readiness and preparing to help someone who needs it are.  So it getting to bed before (drat, too late for midnight--) one in the morning.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Peeking in, running off

All limbs off the roof of M-'s house and limbs from a tree on the property line off the neighbor's house.  Other likely falling limbs docked like lambs' tails.  The big dead cottonwood on the property line of M-'s house is still  there (the tree-trimmers R- had come and and look at it declined to do the job)  and so is the south half of the dead ash in our front yard.on.    Yards are full of tree limbs.  M- hauled several loads out to the brush-pile in the secondary drainage (out on the 80 acres.)  The town has picked this time to get prissy about enforcing an ordinance about piles of stuff in yards, probably due to the several-thousand-acre fire last month.   And he has work at the pizza parlor tomorrow, so we will be hauling those loads.  (I dragged branches into linear piles.)

The ash's remaining limbs are on the other side of the trunk from the house, so less dangerous, but it still needs to be trimmed back.   That may not get done.   In addition to helping R- with the final tree, the big pecan on the property line, I took the big tractor out and mowed until the tractor started to heat up more than it should.  It was hot and humid and the mix of dead and green grass and weeds was taxing it.   Also planted wildflower seeds.  Also wrote some pages,  helped the voice actor for a new set of audio books with pronunciation of weird words, talked to my agent,  did a load of wash, have another  in the washer, and used up at least half a box of tissues with this miserable cold. 

More work calls.  The clouds and wind and definitely signalling "trouble in the Gulf."