October 16th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Nose to the Grindstone

5005 words today.


Another very intense passage.   Sore hand.  Ibuprofen tonight and tomorrow.   But pushing for that last bit gets me up to an average of 4000/day, so I have only 4000 tomorrow.  And can take Saturday off.

Today also involved some more interesting research.   Trying to establish what reasonable ratios of value would be for some common items/commodities in this world.  Paks didn't deal with it--she was a private.  Captains and kings, however, must consider the economics of war (unless they're Bush, who expected it to magically fund itself, but I'm trying not to get into that...)   So the relative value of, for instance, a barrel of ale and a sack of grain--and of particular grains (wheat, spelt, oats, rye, barley...) , a live cow, a beef carcass, a cowhide...and so on and so on.

And there's coinage.   Rate of exchange on coinage.  Who gets to mint coins and how coinage can be debased...is a Pler Vonja nata worth the same as a Sorellin nata or a Cortes Cilwan nata?  Fascinating to me--centuries ago, long-haul merchants were advised to carry a set of dies for the different places they traveled and re-stamp their coinage to the local coinage because it was always considered more valuable.  You just put your gold whatever (livre, real, piaster, crown, sous or whatever it was) into your die, whacked it with a hammer (I guess) and hoped the result would fool the locals into thinking it was local.  I wonder if archaeologists can tell. 

I doubt this would work with modern coins.