November 18th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Nose to the Grindstone: Linkage

Because my agent really wanted to see the thing, even rough, I did the link-up today.  I prefer to work with chapter files, not the whole book in one file--it's easier for  me, especially in Word, which can be peculiar with very large files.  But agents and editors don't like that format, so...I spent some hours doing the necessary repetitive steps.  Open whole-book file.  Open chapter file.  Edit: select all, Edit: copy, go back to whole-book file, Edit: paste, then insert a page break.  Over and over and over.

But we now know what size elephant we have: 1165 pages of elephant, and 235,546 words (according to Word), and that's after the latest cuts.  LARGE elephant.  

Please note: the bits you won't see are not necessarily worth seeing.  Rembrandt's and Michaelangelo's sketches: worth it.  Lots of other artists' sketches, not so.    Discards are often just plain junk.  Verbal  chunk, marble junk, paint-on-dirty-canvas junk.  We learn by doing it wrong. 

The bits that ARE worth seeing, I will try to get out in the open sometime, probably on my website.