November 26th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Thanksgiving Eve may wonder...what is the writer doing at 6:49 pm (local time) on Thanksgiving Eve?  Polishing silver?  Taking a long hot bath?  Deciding what to wear tomorrow?  Let's start with the obvious.   Is the house clean?  (no)   Is any room of the house in condition to stand a white-glove inspection?  (no)  Are some rooms *functionally* clean?  (yes)   Are enough rooms functionally clean? (no)   Did some essential piece of plumbing decide this was the time to misbehave?  (yes, and always)  Are all the pies made?  (no, but more than half are.)   Is the turkey thawed?  (mostly)   Are non-family guests coming?  (yes)   Has there been a total meltdown by anyone today?  (no)   Is the writer feeling well-rested and thoroughly prepared?  (h-in-a-handbasket, no, haven't you paid attention??)

And there enough food?   Concerns about this earlier led to yet another last-minute dash to the store.   It's not so much "how much turkey is enough for that many people?" as "How many turkeys do you need to get enough stuffing from them for that many people?"  My guests all like the "from the bird" stuffing better than the extra that's baked in a dish.   We now have enough food for twice as many, I'm sure.  OTOH, some of them are good about taking leftovers home with them.  And in our family we like leftover turkey.  And own a freezer.

I will rise before dawn to put Mr. and Ms. Turkey in the roasters (we have two roasters, one of them more enthusiastic than the other--but we can't remember which is the one that gets hot faster--so by having two turkeys, each in its own roaster, one of  them will be done on time, and the other will be done by the time people want seconds--or thirds--on the from-the-bird stuffing.  It all works out.)   Guests will bring (among other things) homemade cranberry sauce  (two kinds), pecan pies (two kinds),  green bean casserole.  

More importantly, guests will bring themselves.  This group includes writers, software people, craftsman, landsman, musicians...most having multiple talents and interests. We will enjoy ourselves.