November 29th, 2008

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Oh, the humiliation.... my age, having so little sense.   Why did I think that moderate (!!) overindulgence on one day having no immediate bad consequences could be followed by...well...sort of exuberant overindulgence on the next (unrestrained by the presence of guests, conversation, etc.) and still have no Consequences.   (With the capital C, consequences are always bad, right?)

But the pies were so good.  The dressing was so good.  The turkey and gravy.   And I thought I'd spaced things out well enough....

We draw a long black veil over the Consequences, except to mention that it's totally unfair another family member ate more than I did and had no Consequences at all.  

The other humiliation came when work resumed on the book on Friday.   I'd been through every sentence multiple times, but familiarity with the story and knowledge or the real referent of every pronoun leads to the worst errors--those where a word/sentence/passage can be read several ways and one of them is drop-dead hilarious.   A typo is a typo, but there's no excuse for a horse that suddenly sprouts eyebrows (and raises one) and hands which  he offers to help the rider mount.   And having confessed this, I must now correct the correction made last night to conceal which incident this was even more, or you'll *still* notice it and howl with glee ...or maybe I shouldn't rob you of that opportunity. 

We may be clunky and pedantic at times, we may explain more than is necessary...but we must be clear, and we must not make it easy for readers to come unglued from the story.

On the good side, I've figured out where to break the 230,000 words to make it a book and something over a third of the next, if that proves necessary.  It might even be advantageous, as it lets me reinsert into the half-year between Midsummer and Midwinter some things I took out...things that would be much better in, like the stuff with the elven tutors, some more episodes with K- and his future wife-that-he-doesn't-yet-realize-is, etc.

And within the month (or two--let's be realistic) there'll be a new website for all the Paksenarrion books, including the new one, with background stuff nobody's seen (but the friends who were alpha readers for the first ones.)  Don't go looking yet...I have designing to do, and artwork, and content development, and so on.   But it should be a resource for those who have trouble with that many names (me, too: that's why I have files on names), who aren't sure where things are, who wonder if A is related to B, what the background is on (for instance() the mikki-kekki of Dzordanya or the "prophecy" that convinced Alured the Black he should be king of everything.   Not all the content planned will go up at once, but at the least we'll have publication data on all the earlier books and up-to-date info on the new one and its progress towards publication (and the writing of the next one in line.)

There'll also be a website coming (soon but not as soon as the one for the Paksenarrion books) dedicated to our land project, wildlife management on small acreages, and restoration ecology on small acreages.  Since I've found that I can't (as I thought I'd be able to) work on the nonfiction in exact parallel with these deep fantasies (they're too demanding--they eat my brain when they're flowing), content there will be transferred from previous posts on and stuff on my existing home page, plus some of the photos from my LJ gallery.    I hope this site will build interest for the book I want to write about the land.  And no, I have not forgotten the book for parents on parent-driven creativity in raising autistic kids, but the books on contract (and their website) have to come first.