January 26th, 2009

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Paksworld Research

I love research.  It's the perfect excuse for not writing actual words in the actual book, because it can lead to writing better words in the actual book.   See, I'm working, not goofing off, even though learning why a drachma equaled six obols (and was called a drachma) is not really necessary for the book I'm working on.

Doing research in my own book collection is much more directed than doing research on the internet...I know which books to look in and can drill down to what I need efficiently.   On the internet...I set out to find one or two specific details and hours later I have dozens that do not have anything to do with the current research.   The trail of cookie crumbs--irresistible cookie crumbs--leads deep into the thickets of that vast forest which lies just beyond what I almost know.