February 6th, 2009

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Octuplets' Mother's Excuses

She claims she had that many children because she was lonely growing up as an only child.

She claims she paid for that much IVF with a $160,000 settlement for a work-related back injury.

In other words, she's an immature twit with no grasp of what parenting is about, how much money a given sum is, in terms of, for instance, bringing up baby.  

I am an only child.   And yes, there were times I wished I had siblings to share the chore load with (contrary to popular belief, only children DO  have chores, and there's only one child to do them.   I did the dishes every night.  Took out the trash every day.  Etc, etc, etc.  Lots of etc.)  I got darned sick and tired of having teachers (and other adults) make snide and ignorant comments about those of us who were onlies (the presumption that we were all lazy, spoiled, and selfish got old fast.)   There were good things about being an only, and there were not-so-good things (and that's true of any size family,  and any birth order within a family

All the families I read about in books had multiples who seemed to have a lot of fun.  Most of my friends were in families with multiples.   So yes, I wanted a big family when I was a child and (a smaller but still good-sized) family in adolescence.

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