February 24th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Nose to the Grindstone (multi-tasking)

Current book wordage: 98,768

Current prep for the toilet replacement: ongoing.  Hall is clear.  Bedroom door now opens all the way.  Living room floor, on the other hand, is rapidly being covered.

Anyone want a pair of unused tall riding boots?  These are the ones I didn't get broken in before the trip in 2001, and have not worn since.  Good quality, too.   Would gladly sell them so I don't feel guilty about not fitting into them (fat calves) every time I move the box.

First laundry load is on the line.  Next load of laundry is about ready to go on the line; third load is waiting. 

Other tasks also ongoing. 

I hate multi-tasking.  I want to write the book.  I want to go out on the land.   I want all the problems to disappear.  Fat chance.

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Boot stuff

Sorry for delay--there was wash to hang up and other things to do before I got back here.

These are Cavallo boots,   The numbers on the box and inside the right boot are [10]  [5]  [46]  [38]  [61.751]    My normal shoe size is 10, 10 1/2 or even 11 (these days) depending on style and maker.   Back then I could still wear 9  1/2 paddock boots, so I'm guessing these are 10.    I bought them in late 2000, before the trip, but they're basically pristine, unworn but once or twice in the house.  Not broken in at all.

Going away again now.  More work must be done before plumbers arrive and there's another load of laundry to a) hang out and b) start and then hang out.