February 25th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Adventures in Plumbing

The plan:  the plumber would come with four new toilets (two for each house), pull out the old toilets, and put in the new toilets.  The new toilets would use a lot less water and be nice new working toilets with no quirks (yet.) 

By the end of the day, both houses would have nice new toilets.   Meanwhile, I would go to the city, pick up my NYC visitor from the airport, take her to lunch, take her to see DRW's shop and the crossbows, take her to her hotel, feed her again, take her to choir practice in the evening.
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The reality:  the plumber arrived with four new toilets (two for each house) and looked at the first of the old toilets, in the larger bathroom at our house.  Let's just say he didn't think much of the toilet, and he really didn't like what he found under it....rotted flooring under the tile (tile conceals rotted wood quite well, until  the wood fails and the toilet tips over, which happened in the *other* bathroom a few years ago.) 

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