March 9th, 2009

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Snippet alert

There's a new snippet up at the Paksworld blog.

I mean to put one up on my birthday in each of the blogs but things got busy and I missed one.

The plumber's here now and has just pointed out that the fumes from the gas hot water heater weren't going out the vent to the roof because the pipe was disarticulated (that was R's term; the plumber said "broke.")   So it's a good thing I asked for the heater to be evaluated and we're lucky the house is so leaky. 

By the end of the day, maybe, we will have two fewer leaky faucets, the last of the new toilets installed,  two old toilets gone, the hot water heater checked out, and (in an unrelated situation) both horses "shot up" with their spring stuff, Coggins tested, and floated (equine dental work is called "floating" for reasons I've never understood.  A tranked 1500 pound horse does not "float.")   With luck, the vet won't arrive until after the plumber has gone and I've had time for lunch in between.

Or not, the way things have been going.

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Sometimes the penny does not drop

In configuring the desktop computer, formerly known as the Internet Virgin (I think she may have to be renamed Madonna because she's proving a very material girl...) for the internet,  I went with my favorite browser and mail programs.  Oboyoboy I can get email that comes up on a screen with the chair right in front of it.  I can sit up straight(er) and the font's naturally bigger on a bigger screen (never mid tht it's an ancient Vivitron 17 sold me by Gateway and still bearing the Gateway logo on one corner)  and...

See, the problem is that I don't always understand the nuances of the tech.  In this instance I have the little black Dell Latitude laptop, with Thunderbird on it, and all the email (which I keep way too much of, I've been told many times, but I still manage to think "Oh, that's over with" and delete the one thing I mustn't), and mail goes from whoever sent it (damn the spammers!) to my various services' servers (yes, I have multiple email accounts), and from them I download it and it shows up all bright and shiny.  When it's not caught in the junk filter whence I must wade through a stinking swamp of spam to pluck the good stuff from undeserved obscurity and return it to the inbox.   Miss Material Girl doesn't have all the accounts loaded yet,  which is OK because I can use the Little Black Dress for those until I finish the transfer, right?

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