March 14th, 2009

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FlyCon is/was an online international SF convention that started (depending on what part of the world you live in) Thursday and will end (ditto) Sunday.  Time zones are a pain in things like this.  I'm going to have to put up a clock that's on universal time (that's assuming I find a clock to put up.)   If anyone looks at this before it's over and wants to take a look (sorry I simply forgot to mention it here) there's an LJ community for it as well.   The spreadsheet schedule, with an elaborate timezone map, is a help in figuring out if what you wanted to lurk on or post on is still around, but many of the topics kept going past the end of their time (after all, there's not another program item that needs into the room right away--another good thing about this!)

You really might want to take a look because the Masquerade is still going on or about to be on (I do find time zones confusing sometimes, often adding where I should subtract and vice versa)--until 10 pm Los Angeles time (Pacific Daylight Savings Time--don't ask me what it is in UTC!)

No one interface satisfies everyone, so there were some technological problems--I for one found it much easier and more stable to use the newsgroups than the other main hosting site's software--which required a separate entry of name and a code number listed at the bottom of the reply box every single time--but then I've used for years.   Minor glitches aside, it was fun to be part of SF-con type discussions while at home, not exhausted from travel, not broke from the plane ticket or gas money and hotel room and membership fee.  (Though in future I think they'll have to charge a membership fee to pay for the server time, etc.  Just my opinion; I'm not one of the organizers.)   Also to have real-time participation from around the world (though people kept dropping out to eat, cook, put the kids to bed, pick them up from school, etc., etc.  There's the sense of understanding another region's rhythms, rather than the "place out of time" that a physical convention is.)

For a first time, I think the concom did a splendid job with this and it was worth the time I spent there.  Like any other internet venue, it eats time like a bandit...but then conventions do that anyway.