March 18th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Migrating Language & Autism

I'm going to shift the discussion of Language & Autism over to the blog where it fits perfectly, The Speed of Dark.  Of course it can continue here, but one of the advantages of having it on the Speed of Dark blog is that it's easier for me to access the references from the website if they seem appropriate.   And this blog is more general-interest, so a post about something else is likely to push this topic down the queue soon.  

For instance, today I dealt with travel arrangements (ineptly, as the woman on the other end explained) for a speaking gig in August, tried to deal with travel arrangements for a trip in April,  tried to install another email account and news server on my computer, answered a bunch of email queries,  got a load of laundry from sorting to the line, looked at the latest construction my husband's done, checked to make sure the tomato plants hadn't disappeared overnight, and...and....and...

So...when I get through here, I'll be moving the original post over to the Speed of Dark blog.  I don't think I can move comments, but if people who've been enjoying that discussion want to mosey on over to the other place, they're welcome to start a new (or continuing) discussion there.  

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Writer's Block: Divided Self

Do you behave differently online than you do in real life?
Yes: both online and in real life I spend hours sitting here in front of the computer.

No:  in real life I gesture when I talk, my voice goes up and down and there are many cues to whether I'm intending to be funny, or serious, or I'm tired or bored or frustrated with something else.   In real life the people I'm having a conversation with can see the facial expression, the direction of gaze, the tension or relaxation of signal muscles in the face and neck and this is one-dimensional interaction, in B&W instead of color.  Also, I don't post about it every time I have a bite of chocolate, like the Dagoba Xolatl that just warmed my mouth,  or a carrot, or an apple, or sunflower seeds, or a chicken sandwich (yes, I eat at the computer.)