March 28th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Another questionnaire readers

I’m working on the character list for both the website and the book itself.  My own personal character list is organized by location and association (that is, all the Duke’s Company names together, all the Tsaian nobility together,  all the Girdish Marshals/paladins/etc. together.)

But it’s readers who will use this for something other than trying to ensure I don’t have fifteen names that all look and sound very similar in the same scene…which is what I use it for.   My editor will rule on what appears in the book(s) but please tell me your preferences for character name lists ( questions follow.)  Collapse )


woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

A word about closets

Unprintable, but a word.

There are not enough closets.  There are not enough bookshelves.  Closets and bookshelves are necessarily related.

It is NOT that we have too many clothes.  No, it is not enough closets for clothes that a) have grown steadily bigger over the last thirty years and b) are required to do too many things (in my case, anyway.)   I can't just have, as I did once upon a time, two pair of jeans that fit (one older than the other...when it got too raggedy for me, and I was not overy tolerant of raggedy, I bought one new pair) and four or five shirts.   I'm now a professional person who must dress for things: conventions (I do not wear jeans to conventions--that reminds me to stand up straighter and be more tolerant), meetings of various kinds and Serious Appearances (universities, but also book tours, where I dress up more than at conventions except for the parties and not always then), and "concert blacks" for concerts.  (Yes,  our choir wears black at concerts--well, the men wear black tie; the women wear solid black.)    I used to also need riding clothes (not jeans, not when jumping)  so I have riding britches in the various sizes I've been and might be again. 

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