March 30th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Some days it's just work...

Tasks, in no particular order: 

1) Get the data on Religions in Paksenarrion's World off to my web-guru, so it could be uploaded to the Paksworld website.  This involved removing that section from the Names file, reorganizing it, checking spelling, filling out information where needed, alphabetizing each section (since Word doesn't have a nice block-alphabetize function), and sending it. 

2) Get the Character List organized, data in it checked for accuracy and sufficiency, and get that off to my web-guru, ditto (and if I ever find the person who decided that font size within the writing block should revert to "can't-see-it-tiny" every time I need to back up and edit a paragraph, that person will have THINK BETTER written all over his/her body in indelible ink.)   It's not just LJ.  It's far too many places.

3) Write the new requested prologue for book one of the new series, putting in everything the editor wants in about 1/3 the words necessary to contain it.

4) Respond to business emails (multiple)

5) Sign and return a contract from Clemson University, where I'll be speaking in August.

(STUPID FONT SIZE CHANGE AGAIN!!!!!)  Make hotel reservations in two different cities for future visits and research hotels in two more cities.  (All this being business-related.)

7) Work on the requested revisions themselves.

8) Prepare for houseguest arriving Friday.  

9) Engage in email conversation with said houseguest about what food she wants me to have on hand because she has said she's cooking dinner (she's a terrific cook)--this became technical because she's a terrific cook and I'm a plain one.  I have a shopping list now, including for things I'm not sure what they are. 

10) Prepare my presentation for tomorrow, when I'm doing an appearance via high-tech at Howard Community College (from Central Texas College, some 30-40 miles away.)   This includes deciding how to organize the presentation, what sections to read from The Speed of Dark, double-checking wardrobe, printing out my parking permit, etc.  And more etc. 

11) Talk to web-guru about wiki stuff, and (off in a side pocket of my brain) start thinking how one might be useful to me and--if it seems so--how to set it up.

12) Jot down rapidly any ideas from the new book that come sailing in and demand to be written NOW, because today is not about having fun's work.

13) Spend at least two hours (can be in segments) on the scores for the difficult pieces we're singing and figure out where I can breathe in those long runs of sixteenth notes.

Tasks are nowhere near complete, though some have been done, or well-started.