May 20th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Line by Line: mapping unknown territory

Still working on the map(s).   Still finding it scary, where there's no record of what I drew 25 years ago (no findable record...I know the maps are still there somewhere...)    

How far north of the mountains is the valley of the Honnorgat, compared to how far south of the mountains the confluence of Imefal and Immer?    That was a problem even then, and I guesstimated it, and I'm guesstimating it again, but (as the only other person now alive who saw the original map is certain) I've now shifted the Honnorgat north half-again to twice as far.   How big (comparitively) are the northern kingdoms compared to the southern ones?  

I "saw" all this through the eyes of an inexperienced young woman who was (most of the time) immersed in the daily routine of a mercenary company...she had no education, and no way to measure time or distance other than by actions...something was "a day's march" away, or took as long as a handspan's sun movement across the sky.  (I was taught, and still use, a "hand" of sun movement to gauge whether there's time to get something done before the light fails..

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