May 24th, 2009

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The new griddle

I think I mentioned that Thursday, after lunch with a friend, I did a daring (and unnerving) dash-with-car across Lamar to Mission Restaurant Supply to see if they had electric meat grinders (yes--do you want the one that can grind 220 pounds an hour, or the one that will grind 600 pounds an hour?) and came out with a cast-iron griddle.  A nice, big, square cast-iron griddle with a longish handle on one side and a brace-handle on the other.  I have wanted a real griddle for years; my mother had a cast aluminum one but I can't find it (I may have given it away after she died; I gave away a lot of the extra cookware then.)  I had at one time bought a cheap small cast-iron one, but it's really too small to make pancakes for more than one (and it, too, has wandered away somewhere.  Cookware does this...) 

Anyway.  I was hungry for pancakes, and sick of making pancakes in the big iron skillet, where you can fit in only three medium-small pancakes and they're hard to turn because of the higher sides.  And this griddle was so much less than the one I looked at in the kitchen department at Dillard's back when there was a Dillard's (which tells you when the last time I looked was.)

So it came home with me.  And Friday, I think it was, Richard made pancakes for me while I fought with something on the computer.  And tonight, I made a Sunday-evening supper of pancakes for all three of us.   I can pour five small or four larger pancakes on this griddle and it is SO much easier and they were SO good, and then Richard fried some eggs on the same griddle.   And I can make tortillas on it (um...let's be honest here--I can fake making tortillas on it), and fry up a little chopped onion and peppers and roll that into a flour tortilla  with some grated cheese and chopped tomatoes and cilantro.

Griddle has definitely become part of the household.  
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