June 28th, 2009

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Today I sang both services, Britten's "Jubilate Deo."   I may hate it slightly less than I used to, but compared to the Mozart one we sang earlier this year, it's much less fun to sing and (in my very-biased-against-Britten-opinion) doesn't deserve to sit on the same shelf.  Nonetheless, it was an accident that I messed up one entrance (it was Britten's fault, because he made that entrance fiendishly difficult to get right.)    The "Jubilate Deo" is not as downright ugly as, for instance, the "Festival Te Deum," nor does it hurt the throat as much to sing, I'll give the man that.  I don't know which he wrote earlier, but I think he should've listened to a lot more Mozart and a lot less Stravinsky (or whoever influencd him.)   OTOH, David made it as fun for us as he could, including a hilarious interpretation of a part he described as "a bunch of people very happy to be going into the Temple and singing about it, but they don't all remember the melody the same way..." 

We had only two altos at the first service--in fact, it was practically a chamber choir--and only three altos at the second, when there were five or so sopranos.  This made the alto failure to make that difficult entrance particularly noticeable, to us anyway.   We had only three at the second service--and S-, who is usually an impeccable reader and steady as bedrock, had the same trouble with the difficult entrance I did.  So it's definitely Britten's fault, because S- does not make mistakes.  David pushed, shoved, and otherwise forced us through it a half dozen times in rehearsal, until we pretty much had it (it was easier when he gave us The Glare at the appropriate moment) but we nearly lost it in the service anyway.   He does not think any of us should require extra cueing, and he's right (he's always right; he's the director) but there are times...

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