July 6th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

All things bright and...hmmm....

The weekend migraine is finally easing off, though the house looks like someone didn't spend time straightening up or cleaning this weekend (or for the past month, for that matter.)   With out-of-state company coming by this afternoon, that's not great.

OTOH, the bread is in the oven beginning to smell wonderful. 

And I found four different things in bloom (in the yard only) to put in a little vase for the kitchen table, which is clean, has a clean cloth on it, and plates and eating utensils laid out.   Ironweed, firecracker bush, Mexican oregano, and scarlet sage.  Two colors of purple ("aggressive" and "gentle"), orange, and pure true red.

And the headache's eased off. 

Rain, on the other hand, did not fall upon us even though it got very, very close and sprinkled (we did get four tenths of an inch yesterday evening.)    At least it's cloudy and thus not evaporating the four tenths immediately after they fall (this happens.  Hard shower, sun comes out, wind dries it, plants get nothing.) 

I'm gathering energy to shove things on the living room floor under the piano so we can move around *a little* in there.

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

80 Acres: Drought July

There's a new post up at the 80 Acres blog.   You can contrast the header picture, also taken in July, with the first picture in the post--both are of the near meadow.    In the header, the grass is green (summer green for our grass, not English green...) and the sky is full of soft cumulus clouds that have at least some potential for rain.  In the other, taken July 4, the grass is burnt brown and the sky has almost no clouds, and a flat hard blue.

But there's always some beauty.  A grasshopper, a few flowers, a dragonfly by the lily pond.