July 15th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Life in the Country: The New Meat Saw

Today our schedule and John's  finally meshed and we went over to the ranch to  try out the new meat saw.   We didn't have long so we cut only one chunk of lamb...but wow.   As in...wow. 

I cleaned the table and then we pulled a shoulder of lamb (near-mutton lamb--not a little bitty lamb)  out of the freezer and turned on the machine.   And it might as well have been butter, for all the trouble the saw had with it.   Fingertip pressure was all it took--we weren't trying to hurry, since we didn't know how the thing would work (after the problems we had with the little one, before.)   The cut surface was *so* pretty. 

Now, admittedly,  there's a lot of cleaning up if you do only one cut.   But when it comes to "fabricating"  a beef carcass,  we can do a lot of cutting with only one cleanup. 

We're all very happy about this, and envisioning the freezers being full again.