August 8th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Bread Again

More proof that bread wants to be bread and will overcome many errors by the baker: 

Our neighbor brought us a dozen fresh brown eggs.   I decided to make some lovely egg bread (braided, prettified with seeds on top) as a thank-you.   But due to Unforeseen Circumstances (tm) I didn't get to it until yesterday afternoon.   Cleared the counter, washed it down, the usual prep for breadmaking.   Got out the recipe, which I hadn't made in awhile (it calls for quantities of milk, butter, and eggs) and set to.   Zipping merrily along, but interrupted by a phone call, I ....managed to leave the eggs out.   I did think, at one stage, that it wasn't taking its full complement of flour (should have been a signal that not all the liquid was in, right?  But I had other problems to think of...)  and it was not until I had it through the kneading and into the greased bowl for first rising that it dawned on eggs had been broken in the making of this bread.   

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