September 10th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Page Proofs Arrive

The page proofs of Oath of Fealty arrived while I was in the city today, so I will dive into them tomorrow morning even though Book Two revision ideas have bubbled up.   Deadlines trump everything else.

But it's another sign that the first of the new Paksworld books is moving inexorably towards its release date.   This is the really scary time for me.  Page proofs are the last time I get my sticky fingers on it (and I can't do much at this stage) so the next thing I hear will be the reactions of total strangers who've read it.   When I've sent the page proofs back, I'm fortunate that my schedule is suddenly busy again with speaking engagement and travel, or I'd be diving under the covers and hiding in closets... (Silly.  But true.)