October 24th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Food: Lamb with "accidental" sauce

Yesterday, before heading out into the wet and wild 80 acres, I put a loin of lamb in the oven, on very low heat at first (raised, when I came back in, and it was thoroughly defrosted.)    But I came back in very, very tired, because hiking around the place and through the rushing water of two creeks, in rubber boots that don't fit anymore (they're 30 years old, and we've both aged ungracefully) had worn me out.  So I was not in shape to do anything energetic to convert the lamb into a full supper...by the time it was supper time I was still draggy.

So I opted for fast instead of proper cooking, and for once lucked out.

I'd had a vague idea of trying something like the sauce I had on fish at a Greek restaurant in NYC on the lamb, but we didn't have all the ingredients...and I wanted potatoes, but time had run out.   What we had was a can of chipotle diced tomatoes, a can of sliced new potatoes, and the  last tablespoon or two of capers in an almost-empty bottle.   I took the lamb out at the medium-rare stage, and while it rested on top of the stove I combined the above ingredients in a saucepan and heated them up.

Lamb slices with potatoes,  the chipotle diced tomatoes (which, according to the can, also had onions and garlic in the mix) , and capers was...incredible.  Lamb was tender and pink, the sauce complemented it amazingly well and the potatoes had taken up some of that flavor. 

This will happen again.