November 22nd, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Sunday: weather, music,etc.

Yesterday was chilly, wet, did finally stop raining, and we topped off at 1.5 inches. Plumbing still works. All I wanted to do all day was crawl back into the flannel sheets and snooze, with someone bringing me hot chocolate every couple of hours, but that was not the way the day went.

This morning when I got up it was chilly and damp--and the drive to church includes several miles at a time of dense fog. It burned off during church, and I came out a gorgeous blue-sky Sunday afternoon.

Church music; Offertory was "Worthy Is the Lamb" from Messiah. For those who don't know it, it's the last chorus in Messiah and it's very, very long. It ends with pages of Amens. If yout attention flags you miss an entrance, a place where something that's been repeating a pattern quits, a's exhausting. Not counting the times in rehearsal (two rehearsals, one for each service) we sang it twice. Then the Communion anthem was a variant arrangement of "Shall We Gather at the River?" which had its own tricky bits. Twice on that, too. Then there were the hymns, all of them fairly robust, and one of them a grand old Welsh tune that really wants to be sung loud by a male Welsh choir.

On the way home I stopped in Cedar Park for yet more holiday grocery shopping; Richard has a list he's supposed to get, too. Between Cedar Park and Leander, caught up with the excursion train (not pulled by the old steam engine but by a diesel) full of people enjoying the perfect weather for a train outing in a train with open windows--60 degrees and clear.

So I'm tired. And I have a ton more of work to do. Tomorrow I have a voice lesson at 4, and then Messiah rehearsal at 7, so I have two hours in between to try to regain my energy and focus. I wish there were time to a) take a two-hour nap, b) take a two-hour walk and c) get four hours' worth of work done before Richard and Michael get home. But it's after 3 pm, so....I need to get cracking on the work.