November 25th, 2009

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From Twitter 11-24-2009

  • 11:40:38: Rearranged freezer, then brought back a fair bit (!!) of "big bull" ground beef from the from the ranch.
  • 11:42:09: T-day prep--do bread today. At least one pie today. Check all silverware and china. Clear living-room floor.
  • 11:43:16: Lamb forequarter in oven (part of freezer rearrangement.) Cooked lamb meat takes up less space. Esp. if eaten.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

The Day Before

Behind, but progress being made. Celery, onions, and parsley for the stuffing has been chopped--now in the fridge. The boned out hindquarter of lamb baked yesterday has been cut into cubes, just under half put in freezer bag in freezer. The slightly more than half is in a pot on the stove, with the good drippings from the baking pan, sliced potatoes, two cans of chipotle-diced-tomatoes, a slug of merlot, some sauteed chopped celery and onion, and some parsley, a bay leaf and peppercorns, in the process of becoming a lamb-potato stew that can be put in freezer containers later. Some laundry has been done; more is in the works.

Now for the baking. Bread and pies. I wanted to make that thing Ruta's mother taught me to make, but I don't know if I'll have time. There are murmurs of anticipation from guests due in tomorrow.

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Writer's Block: Is your goose (or tofu) cooked?

Are you planning to host Thanksgiving at your place or will you travel to see family and/or friends? Do you prefer a traditional menu or something entirely different?

We host Thanksgiving dinner for friends and travelers. Traditional T-day food with a few extras and regional specialties. This year it's looking like a round dozen at table.
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Found the Welsh Hymn

Over a week ago, I mentioned either here or at a Welsh hymn we'd sung, but--not having brought home the service leaflet--I couldn't answer someone's question about it, and the only hymnal I could find that day was the 1940.

I can't now find the original post and question about it, or even if it was here or at LJ, so I'll post this both places.

In the 1982 Episcopal Hymnal, it's 610 and the tune name is Blaenhafren. All I could remember of that was "Bl." It's in the section "Christian Responsibility."

First line:

"Lord, whose love through humble service bore the weight of human need..."

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Done for the Day

Two pies are in the refrigerator: pumpkin and pumpkin-brownie-volcano. One attempt to do something creative with leftover brownie batter (very thick brownie batter) and somewhat dated refrigerated pie dough...which became an interesting art object in the to lack of refrigerator space--resting on a trivet of stuffing-mix packets in the large soup pot with a lid, to protect it from things that go scritch-scritch in the night.

The alarm rings at six. Turkeys go in the oven by seven. And then the fun begins (there's a little bit of sarcasm in that statement.) Guests arrive. Other food arrives with them. More guests arrive. Etc. It will all come together. It always does.