November 26th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 11-25-2009

  • 10:04:12: Two new posts in the 80 acres blog: about population management and required activities.
  • 12:04:38: Celery, parsley, onions, chopped. Lamb stew in progress. Laundry in progress. About to start bread. Good kitchen smells--yum.
  • 20:16:58: Husband and son moved in on lamb stew--hardly a quart left.
  • 20:48:06: Two pies in oven, one plain pumpkin and one pumpkin-brownie volcano.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Birds in the Roasters

So the birds went in on time, before 7 am. Frosty morning, soon to warm. Clear and lovely. One set of guests has already let me know that illness hit and they're not coming. (This is why the word for the day is "flexibility. Sometimes I get more, sometimes fewer, guests.)

If the train left on time, Distant Guest should be having a ride through late-fall/winter Texas on a gorgeous crisp, clear morning, and arrive at Austin to be met by Longstanding Traditional Guests. Other guests from various locations will be coming (or not coming, depending on their health, whether the car has flat tires, etc.) and so I need to get up from this chair and leap into action again. Or...something.