December 5th, 2009

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From Twitter 12-04-2009

  • 08:41:11: A friend brought me native clematis seeds from her land yesterday evening.
  • 08:41:54: Question of the day: Will it snow?
  • 11:30:19: It's snowing east, west, and north of us, but not here. Bubble of dry air, the weather-person says.
  • 11:49:32: A snowflake. Another snowflake. (I've counted ten so far.) As snow goes, this is pitiful, but it counts. I guess.
  • 12:37:42: 1500 words so far today on book three. it's now sunny with patches of blue sky.
  • 17:06:45: Nap this afternoon with very weird and somewhat disturbing dream. Was it a nunnery or a nursing home?
  • 17:07:26: Very clear and rapidly getting colder. Hard freeze tonight. But dry roads for tomorrow morning.
  • 19:23:39: Soup: ham, chicken, black beans, barley, diced tomatoes & green chilis, in base of homemade chicken stock. Yum!
  • 19:25:09: Just hit 2000 words for the day on book three. POV transition here to section already written.
  • 19:47:33: New posts on Paksworld blog:

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Saturday Rehearsal

Leaving shortly for Messiah rehearsal scheduled to last 3 hours. If we have to have one that long, I wish it had been 9-12 instead of 10:30 to 1:30. But it is what it is. I need to do major moving around of my paperclips in the score. Was afraid Thursday I was coming down with something, but special care of throat yesterday seems to have cleared up whatever it was...certainly not flu or I'd be flat in bed with a fever. Glad I'm not.

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Writing: Self-publishing v. Vanity publishing.

An excellent presentation on the Writer Beware blog of the blurred distinctions between self-publishing and vanity publishing that have arisen in the digital age, and why this matters to writers considering either.

It is to the monetary advantage of scam publishers--and some undercapitalized small and hobby publishers--to tell unpublished writers that they deserve to be published and that they're being unfairly excluded by those nasty traditional publishers (with the help of such writers' organizations as MWA, RWA, Ninc, and SFWA.) They make their profit by preying on the dreams of the unpublished and creating an atmosphere of resentment and paranoia that keeps the unpublished writers from listening to and learning from successful professional writers.

It is to the (temporary) emotional advantage of unpublished writers to believe the scam publishers, and to blame someone else for the fact that they are not (yet) bestselling writers.
In the short run, it's much pleasanter to think it's a plot by NYC publishers to exclude real talent and publish only commercial hacks, or the writers they already have, and that successful writers are trying to ruin the careers of talented new writers, and that writers' organizations exist to protect publishers and the current publishing paradigm. All you have to do is send your stuff to someone who really appreciates it (and the check or credit card number you send them.)

Strauss makes that clear in her post and yet...and yet there will always be those who want to be fooled, who want to accept the conspiracy-theory view of the world, about writing as about everything else.
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I knew it was cold, but...18F? Ice on lily pond? After the sun was up?


Expected to be above freezing by 10 am with a high in the '50s. And since it's perfectly clear and gorgeously sunny, it probably will be. I should be leaving NOW for Austin, but am delaying because I really would rather it warmed up a bit more before I left.
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A few little problems with LJ

Sometimes when I select "Medium" for my font size, it reverts to teensy-tiny when I start writing and I have to select "Medium" again.

Posting recently has seemed to hang up, but when I opened another tab and looked at LJ there, the comment or post was in fact there. It just hadn't cleared back in the original.

This afternoon, I've been unable to post comments in response to comments here. It hangs up but good. Somewhat frustrating as I do have things to say. I can't be sure this will post, either, but it's worth a try...if it does, you'll know I'm not ignoring your comments.