December 8th, 2009

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 12-07-2009

  • 08:42:24: Rehearsal last night. Dress rehearsal tonight. Performance tomorrow. Hoping the bod sticks it out...tiredness deepens. But the music!
  • 08:43:37: Courting Inca doves would get a laugh out of a stone statue.
  • 09:47:49: Cold fog. Appropriate weather for an ambush in the book. Should I go outside and remind self of sensory details? (Shiver.)
  • 10:49:03: Excuse for staying in: shivering produces no income. Writing does. Let the characters shiver...
  • 16:13:49: Supper at four, homemade bread and soup, before tonight's rehearsal, which we're promised WILL last until 10 pm.
  • 16:15:59: On another venue, dimtwits still trying to say that ice melting doesn't mean things are warming up.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Messiah Performance Night

Tonight. Going down for pre-prep nap now.

We are all tired, except the night-owl types who don't have day jobs (few of those.) I loathe the venue with seriousness and thoroughness, esp. now that they've decided we have to use the loading dock (and a flimsy little aluminum "bridge" thing, from ground level to the very high loading dock) to come in by, and the parking over there is dark, confusing, and dangerous. Very litle of the Riverbend parking is adequately lit or marked with lanes and warnings for drop-offs. This part is just a sloping black hole punctuated with dropoffs and trees without even a white stripe. In fog with drizzle, it's far worse than a PITA--it's a hazard. And the acoustics inside suck, as do the flimsy risers, the tiny uncomfortable chairs, and so on. Place sucks in every way it is possible to suck, including leaky toilets in one of the bathrooms.

However. We will make glorious music anyway, and that idiot "person" from the Statesman will no doubt ignore the quality of the music to whine about the venue which is Not Our Fault, the way she did last year. I'd rather be me singing in the choir than her picking at us, so there. (Last year her review was...unfavorable.)

(Yes, clearly I need that nap.)