December 14th, 2009

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From Twitter 12-13-2009

  • 12:59:42: Sun is shining. I'm no longer tracing a path from bed to bathroom every few minutes. Much happier. Yesterday: unrecoverable.
  • 13:05:43: Some books do not age well (reread one that didn't, and it's only nearing 60.)
  • 13:07:58: What IS the point at which the outdated attitudes no longer grate and the book becomes historical reference material? Hmmm
  • 17:42:25: Brain is working again--progress on the new book. Not a lot, but Story is unfolding.
  • 17:47:00: Got to change that man's name. I thought it was nice and chewy, granola-ish but now it sounds like a bad fantasy name. Grump.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Monday morning

Woke up clear-headed. Heard the trash truck a little later--trash is gone. (Last week they didn't pick up our trash, though we'd heard the truck in the neighborhood. ) About 1000 words on the book yesterday evening as I was finally clear of the blecch. Now to hit it hard this week and make up for last week's near-zero. Would really like to be at least 40K by January 1, but 30K is more doable. Too much going on that I can't evade. The year-end report for the tax folks on the wildlife management program, for instance, which always takes more time than it should. ("Look at last year's. We're doing that, OK?" Not OK, as they have to be told every single year, and just filling out the state form is not enough, as others have found to their cost. So I write up and turn in pages of elaboration and photographs. It's like the guardianship report on M-, which is also coming up.)

It's gray and chill outside with rain predicted. Ate the last of the bread yesterday so need to bake today...if the blecch is finally over with. (Contaminating one's own food source: not smart.) I need to get out to Owl at some point carrying a load of bird feed for storage there, but that may not happen today--not sure recovery's proceeded that far from home plumbing. It's not--so far--wet enough to confine the horses to the barn lots, which makes them happy, and I'm hoping it doesn't get that wet. Need to contact farrier, though. Need to get out there and give both of them a good grooming, too--last week they got to play wild mustang, untouched by human hands (other than the feeding and checking-on, of course.) Bananaface has dreadlocks again. Drama Queen doesn't do dreadlocks, but has mud patches on shoulder and hip.

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Probably virus

By the symptoms and course, we're now fairly sure the gut thing was a noro-virus (used to be called Norwalk virus) infection. These viruses hit hard and fast, and--if you're lucky and don't get dehydrated--depart fast too, faster than many others.

I suspect that I got it from produce I was chopping for the stock Thursday or soup Friday. I had washed off the celery for the soup, but instead of pulling off each stalk, I cut off the bottom end--then decided those stubs at the bottom would be a tasty snack. It's quite possible that the initial wash had not penetrated to the interior of that end. I remember thinking, as I started to eat them that maybe I should give them a scrub--but they looked clean.

All is calm now, and I've gradually introduced regular foods without any sign of trouble. I'm not ready for a hot fudge sundae yet, but I'm thinking the homemade vegetable soup would be a good supper. (Two people who didn't get sick ate multiple servings of the soup, so it's not suspect. I'm the only one who ate raw celery.)