January 14th, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 01-13-2010

  • 13:52:01: Trying to condense 170K book into one paragraph. I am not good at this kind of thing, but I try.
  • 15:00:53: Perhaps not surprising that I have a whopping headache resulting from the attempt.
  • 22:25:35: Music to learn by Rutter, Stanford, Elgar, Tallis, and Britten. "It's easy," says director. "Ha!" says I.
  • 22:27:01: My sneaky back route through the city is blocked off for construction. Had to take alternate, but made it OK.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April


Last night's rehearsal started with the altos and basses providing the grounding for a soprano-tenor descant on a hymn...just to warm up.   This was followed by two John Rutter anthems, for this coming Sunday, and then a Stanford and then an Elgar "Ave Verum" and then two Tallis anthems and then an assault on one of Britten's "Te Deums."  Not the "Festival Te Deum," thank goodness, which I can't like, but the gentler one, still somewhat of a workout. 

I  hadn't had a voice lesson before (D- had to go to San Marcos in the afternoon) so had more energy for the whole rehearsal, but it was still a workout, even though he kept telling us that the piece in hand was "really easy..."  Except for the Britten, which isn't, though not nearly as hard as some of his others.

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