January 31st, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

From Twitter 01-30-2010

  • 11:10:15: Cold, cloudy, windy outside. Good day to stay in and write (or clean house. Guess which will get done.)
  • 11:15:18: Helped friend by testing timing of slideshow on web design for university. Customer-required handwriting font slows reading time.
  • 13:28:34: Cold day, sharp wind. Beef-barley-tomato soup. Yes!
  • 15:03:13: Working on essay--nearing completion at last, or so I hope.
  • 20:50:09: Second (or is it third) draft of essay done. Final polishing to come.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

A fine how-de-do

Of the two drivers in the family, one has double-vision and the other has vertigo.   Hence, we're not making it to church today.   (I can just imagine the explanation to police, otherwise...either "I didn't know which car was the real one" or "I could see clearly; it was the whole landscape whirling sideways..."  From recent observation, a person with either double-vision or vertigo can walk like a drunk.  

The vertigo is almost certainly related to the sinus problems affecting the ear and thus should ease with the stout dose of decongestant taken a short time ago, as it did earlier in the week.