February 4th, 2010

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From Twitter 02-03-2010

  • 12:31:21: Why is Twitter "updating my status" with every post now???
  • 12:32:09: RT @thejointstaff: Stand by what I said: Allowing homosexuals to serve openly is the right thing to do. Comes down to integrity.
  • 12:34:02: Off to see the eye doctor. Have been just replacing glasses for too long.
  • 17:18:42: Eye doctor report good, but really needed a new prescription for glasses--myopia finally less.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April


We've had a lot of firsts recently, some sort of downers, but today's first is, so far, what our autistic son would call "upper than up." 

He started community college in a city 50 miles away this year and after some "bus training" by his father, he wanted to ride the buses alone.   He made it there.  He made it there happy and pleased with himself, even though the second bus of the trip broke down and he had to wait with the other passengers for another vehicle.  

I posted to
aspecialparent about the way I felt waiting for that call, and a short update, but now I've also put up a new post at The Speed of Dark blog.  
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Temple Grandin: the movie

See this movie.   If you have to beg a friend who has cable to watch it so you can too...it will be on HBO...do so.  It's worth it.  It's worth it for anyone...but for everyone who knows an autistic person or is on the spectrum or is curious about autism...See.  This. Movie.  

I saw it at a special invitational screening tonight...and had not known ahead of time that much of it was filmed here in central Texas...that Capitol Land & Cattle Co., which I've driven by dozens of times,  became an Arizona stockyard for the duration, that Southwestern University in Georgetown became a college in New Hampshire, etc.  That was an extra fillip of delight for those of us in the area, but...the story itself is incredible (as anyone knows who's read Temple Grandin's own books) and the movie, being a visual medium, was able to show her "thinking in pictures" in...well....pictures.   Temple Grandin herself was there (she's been traveling to the special showings around the country) so we got her thoughts on the movie as well.

Her drawings in the movie...are her drawings.  From her own notebooks and files, that she (she told us) went to Kinko's and copied so they could be used.  

See this movie.  Find a way.
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The Son's Solo Day

Win, win, win.    He gets A++ all down the line.  Caught every bus, kept track of his stuff, went to his classes, recognized the friend who picked him up from the ice rink.  Was able to both answer his cellphone and use it appropriately.   Had been able to perceive the bus breaking down as an adventure, making his adventure of his first solo trip even more exciting.