February 7th, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Another brag on the son

Not only did he navigate the very complex day last Thursday with accuracy and competence...including the bus breakdown...but we found out that he'd had a class quiz in his math class that day...and made 100. 


woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

My First Movie Review

You gotta love an editor who, after you send her a wildly enthusiastic report on a movie you saw, says "Fine...add these bits and we'll put it up on Suvudu, the publishing house blog-site, with a link to your related book."   The movie was Temple Grandin, that I blogged about everywhere I could think of  (see, I sneak in another plug for it.)   That was late Friday, and then Saturday our internet was out, and I didn't think to look last night.   But it went up Saturday before the movie aired.

And look at the gorgeous lead-in she gave me before the review itself.  

I am one lucky writer!