February 11th, 2010

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Thursday so far

Only rain while driving M- to the bus station--this is good.  Forecast for tonight is rain mixed with snow.  Not so good.   Gray, cold, and wet outside.

Preparing for ConDFW...the washing, the drying, the deciding what to take/wear, on the basis of weather predictions for both locations tomorrow and Monday, and the DFW area alone for Sat & Sun.   This being Texas in February,  either location can vary by 50 degrees in less than 12 hours, with precip ranging from none to a) torrential rain, b) freezing rain, c) sleet, d) snow, etc.   Layers upon layers, but not *bulky* layers. 

Today is also print-out day for a chapter and some business cards.   What I really want to do, of course, is burrow back under the covers and hibernate until the sun comes out.  

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

SFFnet's problems today

Seems to have started in the middle of the night with server problems with Mail, News, and IRC...earlier this morning, though, their front page and my hosted sites were all up and running fine.  Now they've repaired mail & news, but only via a backup server, and the sites are down--they warned of temporary outages. 

So if you're looking for the new posts on the 80 acres and Pakworld blogs,  don't fret--it's just the kind of problem that every service runs into now and then, and they know about it and are working the problem. 

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Gone for the weekend

Advance warning:  after today, I'll be offline for four days (can I stand it?  We'll find out!) at ConDFW.   I'm not taking the laptop (gasp!)  and I don't have the kind of phone you can use email with, so after I get home Monday night (assuming I do), there'll be a delay from working through the email stack before I'm back to posting.