February 17th, 2010

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From Twitter 02-16-2010

  • 09:19:44: Up at 5am to take son to bus station. Was really tired & not through sleeping. Back 2 bed, bad dream, phone rang, bad extended-fam news.
  • 09:22:43: Ice on pond, brilliant sun, temp at 7 am was 25F. Need to take long walk but not quite yet.
  • 09:29:59: I need to learn how to make small URLs that fit in this environment! Help?
  • 09:46:02: Bad news was sudden, serious, illness of husband's niece's husband. He's an Army vet
  • 13:16:14: RT @df_psu: @emoontx Check out this inspiring interview with Temple Grandin from WPSU: http://bit.ly/bZRnug
  • 16:01:15: Long walk on land: first of the elbowbush to bloom. Thicketing plum swelling buds. Robins eating juniper berries and elm buds.
  • 17:05:52: Two copies of Orbit's edition of _Oath of Fealty_ came in mail today. Author's Happy Dance has begun. Map looks really good.
  • 17:06:27: Well, the whole book looks good to me, but I hadn't seen the final font on the map before--wasn't in ARC.
  • 17:15:38: The child who would "probably never talk" is now a young man using a cellphone to tell us the express bus is stuck in traffic. Ha!
  • 20:16:19: Chalupa, taco, enchiladas, from local place with local talent...Tex-Mex heaven.
  • 20:55:21: Transitions (tm) lenses are great. Worn today in everything inc. pre-dawn dark to brilliant afternoon sunlight in field. I'm hooked.

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Sad news

My husband's niece lost her husband this morning after a weeklong battle against sudden, overwhelming infection.   She has two children, high-school age and ~10.  
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